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Commodore 64 SID Chip Programming
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14.08.10 dopelist user form update / broken link fix
20.10.09 Document Update C64 MOS 6581 SID Chip
24.11.08 **** New Document !
"Commodore 64 SID Chip programming"
23.11.08 **New old programm : Byte Adder
10.11.08 ***magnetic Pong Tennis  Update to V1.2R
New Play-Ball
some stuff

21.10.08 **** New App : Joypad Test / Joystick Test
Benchmark the quality of your joystick !
09.01.08 **** MouseMaster23k.exe   Update to V1.1
- far better Timer : exact to +-10ms
- fixed Level Creator
- it's 25k now...

05.01.08 ***** Huge Update, New App, revised Game

1. A new Application can be found on CoLoZ.net : C-DrumPad , Keyboard Drums
    It's a Drum-Machine thet features custom play with Keyboard or Joypad.
    With five Record-Slots you can save, load and also MIX together your custom beats.

2. Pong-Tennis updated to Version 1.2
    Ball Physics Changed (no vertical speed problem anymore !)
    A few optimizations

3. Webpage updated according to the above

03.07.07 Sorry, all Mail I got between ~18.06.07 and 01.07.07 is lost unread. if you got no reply to your mail, please write again.
09.04.07 *****Update for magnetic Pong-Tennis.

Changelog Version 1.0beta to Version 1.1:
-Dashing and slicing
-2 new Levels
-Redesign of the Pong Tennis menue structure
-Invincible bot replaced with evil bot
-Redesign of the bots intelligence (less hard when speed increases)
-various code optimisations
-optimisation for CPU independence (corrected a huge error from 1.0beta which caused fast PCs to slow down. Yeah, it was like that)


15.03.07 *** The tool section has re-opened


16.01.07 New webdesign online now !!!


2.12.06 This post is just a reminder for myself to continue with the following Projects: Movie Buizznezz shall become a sequel to the C64 Game "Movie Buisness". It is 75% done, but I'm not happy enough with the results yet, so it will still take some time till release. 


26.11.06 ThE WeBsItE DeSiGn iS BrANd NeW



26.11.06 below are old News from the former webpage:

18.04.06 THERMIDOR9 took the highscore lead ! Congratulations.

17.01.06 + After 2 years and 11 months HOTTE was dethroned by SIBA-MAN who is the new BEST PLAYER.

17.01.06 +++++ There was an abondoned Version of NMC2 online on Mirror1 for a few weeks. Stupid Me *+'#. Sorry and please update from www.dopeconnection.net/nmc2.zip

02.01.06 ++ Happy new Year! And happy me cause I will be on vacation to Austria for the next two weeks. So no response for that time. So long.....

03.10.05 + I'm moving to another place and it takes a while till I have a new DSL internet connection. So please be patient if you send scores ore something else. It will be funny when I read my mail account that day. That will be 600 mails minimum. 400 spam (somebody likes to buy cheap viagra?), 150 advertises (from webpages I visited years ago, as Conrad electronic, ZDnet and all that crap I do not need), 25 new hash names (yeah!), 10 scores (double yeah!) and 15 personal hate mails I bet.

24.08.05 Updated the page and the HashNames-Section. Another update in a few days.

06.03.05 Huge update in the HashNames-Section. Even some new countries, such as Iran, Bolivia or South Afrika.

16.09.04 + Thanks to markstretch.de we have a new download mirror!

07.06.04 I'll go on a camping trip to Italy tomorrow. So "no response mode" for the next week. Quanta Costa Pizza ?!.

16.03.04 +++++ A new Version of NMC 2 is out! I recieved several demands to build in a Training Mode. Now it is done! Go to the game menue -> Training -> "CHEATER" is the pass.

11.03.04 +++ I want to warn you that if you recieve mails from dopeconnection.net which have attachments (zip, rar, exe), delete them! Those mails have a "masked" address and do NOT come from dopeconnection.net. They maybe have harmful content such as viruses. Due to the fact that I have an open @-mail address (high@dopeconnection.net) I recieve a lot of spam and viruses and it is getting on my nerves. The best advice I can give you is to use alternative Mail Programms and Browsers and not the "Outlook-IExplorer"-Duo. Then you are pretty save to the most harmful viruses.  

16.01.04 5000+ Downloads after 1/2 Year. Korrecto !

05.01.04 Happy New and sorry for not updating the page for two weeks. I had some trouble. Sorrä.

04.12.03 Hard Fighting in the Highscores first front. HOTTE conquered the "best player so far" title.

09.11.03 LUKUS MCPUKUS became the "best player so far".

07.11.03  HOTTE is the new "best player so far".

26.10.03 +++ The ABANDONWARE-Section is CLOSED. With Abandonware you're walking on thin Ice in Germany. I'll soon upload a list with software-producers, that offer their old games for free. 

02.10.03 ++ International Prices for weed are now added to the Weed-Names-List.

02.10.03 +++ NMC 2 had over 1300 Downloads after 3 Months. Thanks to everybody who played our game.

26.09.03 Le Cle reconquers the title "Best player so far".

22.09.03 The "How do you call marihuana"-form had an "internal server error". I'm not really sure since when or why but it works again.

31.08.03 +++ NMC 2 is proud of over 700 Downloads after 2 month.

31.07.03 +++ NMC 2 celebrates 200 Downloads in the first month!

30.07.03 FrankHemp gets the title "Best Player so far".

28.07.03 ++++ Again a new Version of NMC 2 is out. The HighScoreSaves (nistory.txt) are shorter and saver. 

27.07.03 FrankHemp gets the title "a really friendly and helpful player".

16.07.03 le Clé gets the title "Best Player so far".

07.07.03 ++A new Version of NMC 2 is out. It comes with better compatibility and  a 0.3 MB smaller filesize.

05.07.03 The problem with the "how do you call marihuana" form is now solved.

04.07.03 There is a problem with the "how do you call marihuana" form.

03.07.03 WEDON gets the title "Keenest Player so far".

01.07.03 +There were Problems with the nmc2.zip. They are now solved. I'm sorry, it was my fault.

25.06.03 The first Highscore is online.

20.06.03 ++++dopeconnection.net is now ONLINE !!!!

17.06.03 Webpage Preview done.


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