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  Joypad Test / Joystick Test  

With Joystick Test you can measure the quality of your Joystick

A high quality joystick isn't nessecary for Jump n Runs,
but if you wanna go for e.g. Heli RC Simulation you should have a good analog resolution.

Joystick Test / Joypad Test will help you decide what Joysticks or Joypads are worth to buy.
What JoystickTest does is to count all possible positions  your  Joystick  can  distinguish. It's refered as RESOLUTION for x and y axis. If you take the test until the resolution does not change anymore, you have the max. resolution of your JoYsTiCk.

I'd really be interrested in your Joysticks/Joypads Test Results.
So, if you have anything related or any questions, mail me !
Joypad test / Joystick test
And here are the results for my joypads:

Joystick Quick Test Grade max. found resolution Store Price
Saitek P990 Dual Analog (2007) D (35), satisfactory 1560 (Xmax=732, Ymax=828) ~ 20 €
impact 12-button dual analog pad X6-38U (2007) E- (14), insufficent 512 (Xmax=256, Ymax=256) ~ 10 €

The results of the quick test may vary for a few points but they generally are reproducible.

only for Windows 2000/XP/Vista :

DOWNLOAD    JoystickTest / JoypadTest    DOWNLOAD




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