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magnetic PONG-TENNIS V1.2R  2006/2007/2008 by CoLoZ

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Magnetic PONG-TENNIS, as the name already suggests, is a Pong / Tennis - Like Game for one or two Players and variable levels of bot - difficulty.

It offers tight controlls, dashing and slicing the ball, 2+1Bonus Levels and joypad support. Together with Movement in 2 dimensions and Paddles, always faster than the ball, make it a nice 2 Player Competition.


Pong Tennis  Pong Tennis

Pong Tennis  Pong Tennis evil bots level 

-Docs and Troubles

-PONG-TENNIS Version 1.2R*  2006/2007/2008 by CoLoZ / x3works
*[PlayiNg with JoYpads + on TV ScreEn will grand you the best game eXperience ! ]

magnetic Pong Tennis 2006/2007/2008 by x3works/:CoLoZ C.Riedel MH,G

-Actual Version is 1.2R

-Joypad / Joystick Problem:
     If you experience control problems make sure that your joypad is registred as Joypad 1 with Windows.
     Then calibrate the joystick and chack again.
     If that still does not work disable the joysticks by changing the "joy1" flag in "setup.ini" to "joy0".
     If you use a serialy plugged joypad/joystick, sorry, that has yet never worked out.

-other Problems : Please mail to the address in the Impressum(Website) and I'll try to fix it.

    Edit "setup.ini" to change game flags
    changing joy0 to joy1 enables Joypads
    changing fullscreen0 to fullscreen1 enables fullscreen   
    changing xspeed0 to xspeed1 or xspeed2 enables Xtra-Gamespeed (start at 133% / 166%)
    changing sbots0 to sbots1 enables harder Bots (wibble) (update Nov.06: sbots2 enables even harder bots)
    changing sound0 to sound1 will enable music
    Default is

-Windows Version features additional setup software:
    Setting Flags via 3rd party software is not recommended for troubleshooting issues (eg.:"pt_setup.exe" or "SeTuP for Windows 1.0").
    If you experience problems delete all pt_SeTuP entries from "setup.ini".

-Cheats : if you add the line "littlepoints" to setup.ini a game round will be 7 Points instead of 10.

-Version Changelog:

    Pong-Tennis Version 1.2 to 1.2R:
        New 3D Play-Ball
        some stuff

    Pong-Tennis Version 1.1 to 1.2:
         Some minor code optimizations
         slightly improved Graphics
         Improved Gameplay

    Pong-Tennis Version 1.0beta to Version 1.1:
         Dashing and slicing
         2 new Levels
         Redesign of the menue structure
         Invincible bot replaced with evil bot
         Redesign of the bots intelligence (less hard when speed increases)
         various code optimisations
         optimisation for CPU independence (corrected a huge error from 1.0beta which caused fast PCs to slow down...)

This doc in text format : pong_tennis.txt

Download :   

License for all builds :  Pong-Tennis is a Freeware Game

download  ""  (4.3MB Windows Build)  + additional Soundtrack by Hanno Poths 

//download "PongTennis.tar.gz" (Linux Build)

magnetic PONG-TENNIS Freeware Game, PlayiNg with JoYpads + on TV ScreEn will grand you the best game eXperience

magnetic Pong - Tennis Freeware Game 

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