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magnetic PONG-TENNIS
Netherland Marihuana Connection II
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Commodore 64 SID Chip Programming
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Sites I like: Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library I used to compile Pong-Tennis. Good site around Emulation (german) Also a very nice Emulation site (german) Pong Story, the site of the first video game. Learn more about my the game that inspired PONG-TENNIS. Game development site Protovision online sells C64 Stuff. I bought myself Newcomer. It's quite cool but hard to finish. Amiga Games Reference & WinUAE Frontend. C64 Games Reference Tribute site for the coolest 2D shoot em ups C64 Emulator another C64 Emulator TheOldSchoolEmulationCenter

The Links to sites that kindly link to me: Guide to Medicinal Marihuana (english) Das Cannabis Archiv (deutsch) The guide to marihuana on the internet (english) Cannabis Growers Site (deutsch) get your Cannabis online (english) Cannabis Emporium (english) All about dope in Israel (hebrew!) Just say Know! (deutsch) Infozentrum zu Rausch und Drogen

Others: C64 inspired Music

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